At McGill Machine Works we use cutting edge inspection procedures to assure a quality product using our state of the art inspection equipment. We first have a diverse checklist for 1st part inspection from our highly skilled journeymen Toolmakers. When they feel it will meet and exceed expectations, it then goes to the Inspection Department. Here the product will go through a 100% inspection process in a detailed checklist by our Quality Inspector. The product will be approved for shipment or quarantined. All 1st part inspections and 100% inspections have to be approved and a specification list will be included with your product's shipment.

We also offer and provide at no charge, product marking. We use a 2 axis CNC part marker by KWIKMARK.  We can mark letter sizes and custom company logos as small as .030. With a growing demand for product tracking and identification, this adds value to your product while providing a distinguished look to final assembly parts.

tool inspection

We are experienced in a wide range of materials including:
• Steel (All Types)
• Plastic (All Types)
• Stainless (All Types)
• Tool Steel (All Types)
• Copper/Brass (All Types)

We work intensely with a variety of industries:
• Sporting Goods
• Food Processing
• Consumer Goods
• Defense Products
• Medical Equipment
• High Speed Automation
• Production Manufacturing

Our products range from small to large, complex to basic products including:
• Miniature
• Precision
• Automation
• Mounts, Bracket
• Valves and Nozzles