McGill Machine Works builds small automation systems, applying our experience in Electro/Mechanical designs of pneumatic hydraulic and mechanical systems with motion controls. We understand your needs and can add assemble units to your current manufacturing equipment to decrease machine down time and minimize setup time. Our specialty is increased production rates. Call for a consultation meeting today to get the ball rolling.

We are experienced in a wide range of materials including:
• Steel (All Types)
• Plastic (All Types)
• Aluminum (All Types)
• Stainless (All Types)
• Tool Steel (All Types)
• Copper/Brass (All Types)

We work intensely with a variety of industries:
• Sporting Goods
• Food Processing
• Consumer Goods
• Defense Products
• Medical Equipment
• High Speed Automation
• Production Manufacturing

Our products range from small to large, complex to basic products including:
• Miniature
• Precision
• Automation
• Mounts, Bracket
• Valves and Nozzles